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Classes in this track are ideal for those just getting started or when looking for lighter intensity cross-training. The workouts are designed to develop your baseline level of strength and endurance and to establish movement patterns that are built on proper form and alignment. The practice track is perfect for any level of participant at any stage in their fitness journey.

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Classes in the pulse track are high tempo, heart rate driven cardio workouts combined with functional strength training to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness. Getting the heart pumping helps increase blood flow and supplies oxygen to the working muscles. The pulse track educates you on how to find, monitor, and follow your individual training zones. You will burn calories in a vibrant team supported environment!

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Classes in this track are performance driven with a focus on increasing lean muscle and power safely and effectively. We require that each participant attending classes in the perform track has achieved a baseline level of fitness and be able to demonstrate proficiency learned at the Practice tier. Come prepared to be challenged to your next level of better.

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Advanced Reformer

Advanced Reformer requires a high level of skill and Pilates Reformer experience.

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Aerial Yoga Basics in the Hammock

This class incorporates the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts, as we guide you through the basics of aerial.

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Aerial Yoga Basics on the Trapeze

This class incorporates the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts, as we guide you through the basics of aerial.

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Alignment & Flow Yoga

Alignment & Flow is yoga with a strong emphasis on alignment and yogic breathing while mindfully moving through dynamic flow sequences.

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Athletic Pilates Core

APC is an effective, intense core workout that is great for those already doing Pilates or other core conditioning.

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Cardio Tramp Basics

Energize your legs with the STOTT PILATES® Cardio-Tramp Rebounder – a trampoline attached to the Reformer.

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Cardio Tramp Strength Intervals

There’s no better way to get your cardio and strength accomplished in one workout with this dynamic interval training class.

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Crush I.T.

A bootcamp style interval training class utilizing rowers, Ski Ergs, medicine balls, free weights, battling ropes and TRX Suspension Trainers.

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The TECHNOGYM Group Cycle workout is the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike.

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This Praxis signature class combines 40 minutes of cycling with 20 minutes of dynamic core training.

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Dynamic Strength

A low-impact interval training class that incorporates cardio with functional strength training.

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Essential Reformer

The essential level reformer sessions will teach how to incorporate the STOTT PILATES basic biomechanical principles with the essential based reformer repertoire.

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Essential+ Reformer

The essential plus level reformer is appropriate for students who are ready to step it up a notch.

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Fascial Stretch and Release

The perfect recovery class to improve hydration and circulation of the connective tissues of the body

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Functional Strength Training

Learn how to properly execute functional movement patterns such as the Plank, Hinge, Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull and Rotate.

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Experience the most amazing high energy, team rowing class on the authentic Water Rowers.

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Intermediate Reformer

This level is appropriate for students who have a clear understanding of the basic biomechanical principles as well as the strength, endurance and coordination necessary.

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Matwork with a Fascial Focus

Learn the secrets of the strongest athletes and most graceful dancers in this simple yet effective mat work class.

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This post-rehab class increases core strength and stability, enhances joint integrity, improves postural alignment and awareness, and develops muscle tone needed for strong bones.

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Pilates Studio Apparatus

Anyone who has taken Reformer classes or private sessions will love the apparatus class!

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Power Vinyasa Flow

Power Vinyasa Flow incorporates movement between poses for a more athletic and challenging flow.

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Rowing & Strength Intervals

Rowing intervals, paired with muscle strengthening make this a high intensity fat burning, metabolism revving, plateau busting workout.

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STOTT PILATES® Essential+ Mat

This is a moderately fast paced class with a strong focus on alignment and form. 

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STOTT PILATES® Essential Mat

This class will teach you the basic biomechanical principles making it the perfect place to begin your Pilates journey.

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Studio Apparatus

Take what you’ve already learned in Mat and Reformer and apply it to other Pilates equipment such as the Cadillac, Barrels and Stability chair.

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Studio Tramp Intervals

Studio cardio tramp intervals is designed to stimulate both cardiovascular and muscular effectiveness.

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Team Beats

Experience a variety of cardio equipment in a Brand New high intensity cardio & strength interval class!

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Total Barre™

The workout integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training in a continuous flow to keep the heart rate elevated.

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Total Barre™ Amplified

High-energy and dynamic, Total Barre integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training with fun and biomechanically sound choreography.

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Mobility and core-focused workout combining yoga-inspired movements on the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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TRX® Strictly Straps

Using your body weight through various progressions on the TRX Suspension Training®.

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ViPR® Mobility

ViPR Mobility will enhance range of motion through all major joints – get your hips and spine moving with ease.  No experience necessary.

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ViPR PRO bridges the gap between movement and strength training through full-body movement patterns to enhance your athletic performance and conditioning goals.

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Zen*ga V2 Vinyasa/Reformer

A flowing vigorous workout where postures are linked together with the breath. This workout is ideal for those who have never tried yoga or did so yet felt unsuccessful.

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