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With proper direction, appropriate timing, internal motivation & external inspiration, you can and will find your next level of better.

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The right coach empowers you to not need them but want them. Why want them? Because they educate you on how and why.

Develop a personal partnership or bond to make possible what seems impossible. Let us help you break through barriers to unlock your potential, define and meet your better.

  • Brad

    A highly motivated and accomplished tennis player, compromised by back injury and recovering from spinal surgery, Brad was sick of settling and wanted to get back to his game. His Trainer PJ suggested performance driven Blood Flow Restriction Training and the rest is history!

  • Catherine

    In 2010 experiencing difficulty walking, Catherine signed up for a movement assessment with movement specialist PJ O’Clair. Following programming protocols of breast cancer rehab designed by the Praxis movement therapy team, Catherine is happy to report she is ready and able for most anything. She enjoys her weekly private strength training sessions, group pilates classes, tennis games & looks forward to long walks in the English countryside.