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Driven by research and motored by passion our Pilates instructors are the best of the best with specializations in sports performance, movement therapy and cancer recovery. We will work to help decipher the best path and protocol for individual success.

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Praxis’s signature programs are more than just workouts, they are an experience: authentic, research driven and fun! Everything from aerial yoga, high intensity team training, group cycle, rowing, barre and Pilates. And, best of all our classes created and taught by the best minds in the industry. Our teachers know how to expertly guide you to be the best you can be. You will see and feel the difference!

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Movement Therapy

Experience pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation programs using cutting-edge tools and FDA approved medical devices such as the Bemer and Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs. Our therapeutic approach is inspired by the latest research innovation and client individualization. No matter what your level or limitations, our knowledgeable staff will design a workout just for you.

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